Thank you HUHA community – together we save lives!

There are so many ways to help HUHA help animals - including volunteering, advocating for better animal welfare, donating items or services, giving once, regularly or sustaining a sanctuary animal or remembering HUHA in your will. We’re grateful for whatever help you can give, as we couldn’t exist without the passion and support of our HUHA community.

HUHA is a registered New Zealand charity, Charitable Trust #CC47396

Donate to make a difference for animals

HUHA is an incorporated trust (HUHA – Helping You Help Animals Trust) and receives no direct government funding. We rely on donations and gifts from individuals and the private sector, and grants from foundations and trusts, to power our work and save lives.

Charity number: CC47396
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Other ways to give

Internet Banking

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Make your deposit to HUHA’s ANZ bank account:

Huha Charitable Trust
06 0529 0764 879 00

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You can use PayPal to donate to HUHA. Just click on the PayPal button below.

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Support HUHA by donating on our Givealittle page, click on the Givealittle logo above.

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The Power of a Bequest

Making a bequest can make a real difference for animals in need

When you choose to remember HUHA in your will - you are making a significant contribution to the future sustainability of HUHA and our shared commitment to defend all animals in need for generations to come. As HUHA has grown, so have the calls for our help. A bequest can help ensure that we will be financially prepared to meet the future needs of animals across New Zealand.
Little ginger kitten laying on top of a multicoloured brown kitten in a comfy grey bed Little ginger kitten laying on top of a multicoloured brown kitten in a comfy grey bed Little ginger kitten laying on top of a multicoloured brown kitten in a comfy grey bed
Black, brown, and white dog with one eye sewed close with a dark black background Black, brown, and white dog with one eye sewed close with a dark black background Black, brown, and white dog with one eye sewed close with a dark black background
Little black donkey baby standing in a room with bright white walls Little black donkey baby standing in a room with bright white walls Little black donkey baby standing in a room with bright white walls
We do appreciate that your will is a very personal matter and your first priority will be to ensure that the people you care about are provided for. If you want to make a bequest you can include HUHA when making a new will, add HUHA to your existing will via a codicil or vary your family trust to include HUHA as a beneficiary. We welcome your wonderful commitment and recommend working with your solicitor or a trustee company such as Public Trust or Perpetual Guardian Trust so you can determine the type of bequest that best reflects your personal wishes and priorities and make sure these are properly recorded. Please also speak with your family and friends about your decision so they’re aware and supportive of your charitable plans.

Main types of bequests

General Purpose Bequest
Help fund HUHA’s ongoing operations to advocate for, rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need and provide sanctuary to animals that cannot be rehomed.

Specific Purpose Bequest
Tell us how you want your bequest to help. Not sure?

Gift in Perpetuity - administered by HUHA
The principal amount gifted is invested for a total return (e.g. income + growth), with a small portion of the fund's balance paid out, generally on an annual basis.


animal welfare new zealand dog rescue new zealand animal rescue new zealand
Every purchase at HUHA op shops, online and at pop-up events helps us save lives.
Ways to nominate HUHA as a beneficiary or part-beneficiary in your will

  • Allocate a specific amount, a percentage, or the “residue of your estate” to HUHA (the amount left after your expenses have been settled and your loved ones provided for).

  • Allocate specific items or assets to HUHA (e.g. proceeds from the sale of a house or land, gifting ownership of land or shares).

  • Nominate HUHA as a beneficiary in your insurance policy.

  • Establish a new (or amend an existing) trust fund where interest earned is donated to HUHA.
HUHA’s promise to our benefactors

  • We work to understand and honour your wishes. If you’ve made or are planning to make a bequest, please let us know so we can understand how you want your planned gift to be used and acknowledged. We’d love to know if there are special purposes, animals or projects you want your bequest to support. Also, we want to acknowledge your gift in a way that is comfortable for you – whether it stays anonymous or is marked with a bequest legacy plaque at our animal sanctuary, in memory of a loved pet or in another way.

  • We make a commitment to our benefactors to care for and re-home their pets in situations where neither family or friends are able to look after them. We ask for information on each pet's specific likes and needs to help us help them live their best life possible.

  • All discussions will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

We are grateful to those benefactors who have made or are in the process of planning a bequest in support of HUHA.

Talk to our CEO or a Board Trustee to understand more about HUHA’s long-term needs and future plans.

HUHA’s legal details:
Legal name: “HUHA – Helping You Help Animals Trust”
Charitable Trust number: CC47396
Physical address: 68B Marchant Road, Kaitoke, Upper Hutt 5018
Postal address: CMB 26 Kaitoke, Upper Hutt, 5018.
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Support a Sanctuary Animal or Family

Some animals cannot be rehomed and will live out their best lives at a HUHA sanctuary. Each of these animals has special needs and requires the sustaining support of patron(s), so we can continue to provide the care they need and deserve. Currently, HUHA is caring for nearly 150 sanctuary animals, and your support can make a huge difference to these animals’ lives.

Additionally, HUHA cares for scores of difficult-to-rehome animals - including pigs, goats, roosters, rats and animals with special needs - that often take many months or years to rehome. Your support is so important to supporting and nurturing these animals on their journey towards a forever home. 

When you help us sustain these very special HUHA long-term residents with an annual sponsorship, patron(s) receive the following:

  • a digital photo of your sponsored animal(s)
  • an invitation to the sanctuary to meet your sponsored animal(s) during one of our annual open houses
  • occasional updates shared on Facebook and Instagram
To contribute towards a specific animal’s care, please get in touch and tell us how you’d like to help.

adopt a rescue pet new zealand farm animal rescue new zealand rescue dogs for adoption new zealand

Tamranui 25 pug family

Mania and Aria the blind foal

Rescue cats and kittens

Jeffery and rescue geese

Rescue minnie ponies

Sassy Pants and rescue goats

Brick and rescue ducks

Former lab rats

Our blind cows – Tofu and Dora the explorer

Dino the blue tongue lizard

Pixie, Punga and Fern

Sanctuary monkeys

animal rehoming new zealand
HUHA has four monkeys who will live out the rest of their lives in a purpose-built enclosure at the Kaitoke sanctuary. We hate that they have to live a life in captivity. But it’s heart-warming to see them sparkle and monkey around. No longer on exhibit, retired from pressure. 

Carol is a very special monkey who originally came from a NZ circus where her thumbs had been amputated - possibly so she would not have the strength to grab people. She was later transferred to a rescue zoo until they closed their doors and she was brought to HUHA. Carol is calm and majestic and we do everything we can to keep her safe, happy and enriched.

Jungle is an ex child actor and Bernard and Sophie both were surplus zoo stock. They are now together living as a happy and cheeky troop at HUHA where they will be safe and loved for the remainder of their lives.

Bulldog McMuffin

horse rescue new zealand
Bulldog McMuffin is our long-time, resident magpie. He only has one wing and was hand raised before being surrendered to us. Bulldog is feisty, loving, grumpy, sings like an angel and makes us laugh with his mischief.

Isn't he beautiful! He runs the show at Club HUHA with his huge personality and we love him to bits.

Fill a regular volunteer position at HUHA's animal shelter or at one of our op shops and help to make a difference in the lives of animals

HUHA is run largely by our team of incredible volunteers and we are always looking for new people to join our team.

HUHA couldn’t fund or do the actual work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need without the support of an incredible team of volunteers across all areas of our organisation. We are always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers to join our team because together we can save more lives! 
Volunteering for HUHA can be a big commitment, but it is hugely rewarding too. Volunteer requirements:

  • motivated, reliable and willing to get amongst it
  • have genuine passion and compassion for animals and serving the community
  • embrace and model HUHA’s values while volunteering 
  • regular volunteers need to be able to commit to weekly or fortnightly shifts for at least 6 months
  • if you’re volunteering at the shelters or op shops, be over 18 years old with a reliable source of transport
Note: some volunteer tasks require heavy lifting and agility 💪 and some shelter tasks can get very messy 💩.

Throughout the year there will be opportunities to volunteer on a one-off basis at working bees, street appeals and other events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all things HUHA.

Volunteer at our animal shelter

animal abuse shelter wellington
There are plenty of ways to help at our shelters. We need volunteers to clean animal bedrooms, cages and paddocks and help with feeding, grooming, exercising and socialising our animals so their days are fun and enriched. Our horse team are always happy to hear from people with horse experience and knowledge.  (read more)

Volunteer at our charity op shops

cat rescue wellington
Our charity boutiques are based in Carterton, Otaki and Petone and are essential in raising vital funds to support animals. We’re always grateful for help with weekly or fortnightly volunteer shifts sorting, steaming and pricing donated items, helping customers and keeping the shops neat and tidy.

Other volunteer opportunities

volunteer positions at animal shelter wellington
In Wellington, we need roadrunners with access to a vehicle who can pick up and drop off items between our shelters and op shops in Carterton, Petone and Otaki. Heavy lifting may be required. 
Help us educate people about HUHA's work and being a responsible pet owner by taking information into your school, club, community group or workplace or become a community coordinator and help us promote HUHA in your local area.  (read more)

Team-building at HUHA

cat adoption wellington
Are you based in Wellington and have a team-building day at your workplace, church or community group? We can help create a meaningful and rewarding half or full-day out for your team. A modest donation will be requested to help offset our costs. 

Fundraise for HUHA

Fundraising is a great way to raise money for us and raise awareness at the same time. You could start a collection, throw a concert, talk to local businesses or make a stall - whatever interests you, and that you think would work well in your community.

Past fundraising events put on by the HUHA community include:

  1. a kick-a-thon and sports events
  2. discos and movie nights
  3. school event fundraisers
  4. local business fundraisers

If you are keen to get involved please contact us. We can let you know if there's a specific project or part of HUHA that we'd love you to raise funds for.
Miniature brown puppy sitting on a blanket amongst the grass and a woman with an orange huha sash holding up a huha sticker Miniature brown puppy sitting on a blanket amongst the grass and a woman with an orange huha sash holding up a huha sticker Miniature brown puppy sitting on a blanket amongst the grass and a woman with an orange huha sash holding up a huha sticker

Donate needed items

Op Shop Donations

animal adoptions new zealand dog shelter wellington animal shelter wellington
Our HUHA charity op shops in the Wellington region (Carterton, Otaki and Petone) rely on community donations (read more)

Shelter Donations

We gratefully accept a variety of pet toys, animal food and accessories in new or good condition.

Donate goods and services

HUHA’s expenses to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals are tremendous. We welcome corporate and individual donations of animal food : (read more)

Donate or buy HUHA wishlist items

For your convenience we have some of our everyday wishlist items for purchase on our online store. (read more)

Advocate for animals

Alongside a caring community, we advocate for animals and work tirelessly to release them from exploitation. HUHA founder and CEO, Carolyn Press McKenzie, serves on the Animal Welfare Emergency Sub-function committee at MPI and is working to improve enforcement and outcomes for animals across the country.


Send Us a Message

Please select the type of enquiry so we can connect you to the right team member to help with adoptions, advice or other information.

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