Sanctuary monkeys

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HUHA has four monkeys who will live out the rest of their lives in a purpose-built enclosure at the Kaitoke sanctuary. We hate that they have to live a life in captivity. But it’s heart-warming to see them sparkle and monkey around. No longer on exhibit, retired from pressure. 

Carol is a very special monkey who originally came from a NZ circus where her thumbs had been amputated - possibly so she would not have the strength to grab people. She was later transferred to a rescue zoo until they closed their doors and she was brought to HUHA. Carol is calm and majestic and we do everything we can to keep her safe, happy and enriched.

Jungle is an ex child actor and Bernard and Sophie both were surplus zoo stock. They are now together living as a happy and cheeky troop at HUHA where they will be safe and loved for the remainder of their lives.
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