Sanctuary dogs

Animal Abuse Shelter Wellington
The dogs at HUHA Kaitoke sanctuary are a special mix - that’s for sure. 

Many of our sanctuary dogs have special needs and require intensive, ongoing care - mentally and/or physically. For others, they simply need to be nurtured back to health and given time to adapt to their disabilities and/or learn to trust people again. These dogs learn from the pack and the humans who patiently teach them. It’s a costly business in terms of veterinary care, food, equipment and the financial and emotional resources required to care for them, but so worth it.

When they are well and ready, some are adopted out to compassionate forever homes. Other dogs cannot be rehomed – if their journey has already been too hard or rehoming has failed too many times, or when it’s not possible to find a home that can care for their special needs - HUHA will help them live out their best life as permanent sanctuary residents. 

Some of our dogs, such as our beloved two legged Budgie and blind Toot, become ambassadors for HUHA and accompany our team to educational events in the community and schools so we can help build understanding and empathy for all animals.
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