Rescue pigs

animal rehoming new zealand
HUHA has over 30 pigs who have come into our care from different families and circumstances. We continue to work to find them all the loving, forever pet homes they deserve where they won’t be bred, eaten or on-sold. Although these pigs are incredible in our eyes, they are not the sort that are easily reahomed so we are likely to hold them in our care for many years to come

A few of their stories. 
Miranda came to us after being found tied to a lamppost in a distressed state. Today, she can be found stealing the horse's dinner to make herself an extra comfy bed.
A group of 15 pigs brought to us from the SPCA are under our care who we’ve nurtured back to health after they were found in a terrible state. A few days after they arrived, a litter of piglets were born which needed to be bottle fed because their mum was in such bad shape.
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