Pixie, Punga and Fern

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Pixie was orphaned as a young foal and later sold to a woman who found her confident and cheeky manner too much to cope with. By the time Pixie was 2 years old, the woman found herself losing her temper with Pixie and feared hurting her. In desperation, she surrendered Pixie to HUHA.

After we rescue and rehabilitate animals, we look to rehome them in a caring forever home where they have friends, enrichment and where they won’t be bred (there are enough rescue animals without breeding more!). Usually we’re happy with our careful matches, but in the case of Pixie, we sadly made a big mistake.

On a follow-up visit to see how Pixie was doing in her new home, we learned she’d been used as a broodmare. We arranged to take Pixie back once the foal was weaned. When we later went to collect Pixie, our hearts sank. She was shockingly skinny and very depressed. Several months later after being in our care, she was finally starting to fill out. Then one morning, much to our amazement and horror, we found Pixie standing next to a newborn foal, “Punga.” We had a wee cry and felt terrible we had ever let her go!
Later we were able to rescue Pixie’s foal “Fern” who we found advertised on Trademe. She was scared of people and a little thin, but otherwise OK. 
So whilst trying to rehome one pony, we somehow ended up with three!!

We’ve decided to keep Pixie’s family together here at the sanctuary where they can have a bright future interacting with visitors as part of our educational programme. It just goes to show, no matter how careful and experienced you are, things can sometimes go wrong. We’re just grateful we could put things right.
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