Volunteer Positions at Animal Shelter Wellington
We’ve known Peppa most of her life and adore her.

We rescued her as a happy, bright, little puppy of 8 weeks old and rehomed her with a family soon after. Eighteen months later we were contacted by her family as she’d bitten a few adults and a child in their home. We guarantee lifetime support for HUHA animals and our contract requires they come back to HUHA if their families can no longer care for them.

When Peppa was returned, we quickly learned of her unpredictable behaviour and put processes in place to keep her and our staff safe as we worked to understand and rehabilitate her. Although she bonds with her caregivers, her unpredictable nature is steadfast. Peppa is a beautiful, loving, gentle, happy dog but cannot be trusted with strangers or the wider volunteer team - which lead to many discussions about her future.

Ultimately, we made a promise to her that we would keep her safe and work hard to give her a full life, enriched with experiences, comfort, joy and love. We wanted a different outcome for her in a forever home, but also know WE are her home. Her life is valued, full and she is deeply loved as a permanent member of HUHA.
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