We believe that with education and access to the right resources we can empower people and communities to prevent the suffering of animals. Please browse through our resources and share them with friends and family.‎ If you’d like someone from HUHA to come and talk to your school or community group.

Animal care help and advice

HUHA has established a wealth of experience and knowledge on best practices in animal care and training. We are keen to share what we know because together we can save lives.

Dog Rescue New Zealand

Lost, found or injured animals

Lost, found or injured animals

If you find a pet or wildlife that looks lost, then please stop to help if you can.

If the animal is injured and you can transport it please take it to your nearest vet clinic straightaway. New Zealand vets are required by law to treat injured wildlife so if you find an injured bird or any other wildlife, please take them there too.

If the animal is not injured and you can keep it safe, then please look after the animal and do the following: 
Check the local area to make sure no one is searching for the animal nearby. If there are houses nearby and you can, you could try knocking on some doors to see if anyone has lost a pet.
Take the animal to your local vet or animal shelter to be scanned for a microchip. If it has a microchip which is registered it should contain the owner's contact details
Check online avenues like Facebook (check local community groups or lost and found pet pages), TradeMe and lostpet.co.nz to see if the animal has been reported missing
Make your own post on Facebook or lostpet saying you have found the animal. Pictures are helpful if you can take them. Be sure to try and confirm that the you have the genuine owner before you give the animal over

Injured Animal

Rescue Dogs for Adoption New Zealand
For emergencies, call HUHA on (04) 392 3232

Found Animal

Cat Adoption Wellington

Lost Animal

Animal Shelter Wellington
If you’ve lost your pet, please gather a photo of the animal and try the following

Rehome your animal

Surrendering an animal is always a difficult time for everyone involved, but HUHA is here to help if we can. There are so many reasons why wonderful animals who had loving homes end up in our care -- from owners suddenly passing or needing to go into long term care to overseas moves to other circumstances changing so that owners can no longer care for the animal.

  • Note: Unfortunately our shelters are often filled to capacity and there may be a waitlist for rehoming animals. We may be able to do a community rehome post under these circumstances.

  • Unfortunately we generally cannot accept animals who have a history of biting people or hurting other animals though there are always exceptions such as if a farm dog attacked a sheep or chicken -- we would simply rehome it where there isn’t stock around.

  • To give your pet the best chance at finding a new forever home, we’ll need to gather as much information as possible about the animal, its veterinary and behaviour history, its’ likes, dislikes and quirks.

  • To start the surrender process, please fill out this form and a team member will be in touch.

Disaster Preparedness

It’s so important to have a plan for your pet in case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, tsunami, fire or other emergency. Please do your part by being prepared with an emergency kit and plan for all animals in your care. 
Here are some resources to help you help them. 

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