China and Casper

Animal Abuse Shelter Wellington
Casper, China and several siblings were surrendered to our care because they were born deaf and their breeder planned to euthanise them. We knew we had to help them and are so grateful we did.

As Argentino Dogos classified as “menacing” from birth, we understood the strict rules around rehoming and our responsibilities regarding their care. The difficulty rehoming them was complicated by their deafness. Luckily we found just the right loving, experienced and compassionate forever homes for siblings Marty, Ava and Hazel.

Casper struggled with his health in the early days and needed extra vet care which meant he wasn’t ready to be homed. Because he and China have an unbreakable bond and become incredibly stressed if they are apart, we’ve kept them together. There are many reasons they didn't find their forever homes and as much as our hearts hurt over that fact, it did not stop us giving them all they needed to be happy, content, enriched and completely loved by us. 

Casper and China have been fantastic ambassadors for their breed over the years - charming visitors and volunteers with their loving, quiet, gentle natures and their need for comfort and touch. It’s a beautiful sight to see them cuddled together snoozing, wrapped tightly with legs and bodies deep in the blankets. They have also got into a bit of mischief along the way, but they have also made us laugh, are a very good shoulder to melt into on a bad day and we have had some of the most treasured adventures with them in our lives.
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