HUHA is at the forefront of improving animal welfare and outcomes in New Zealand

  • Our teams help rescue animals from dangerous or harmful situations
  • We rehabilitate animals and match them with loving, forever homes
  • For animals that can’t be rehomed, we provide a sanctuary where they can peacefully live out their lives
  • We teach empathy and educate communities so that together we can improve the care and quality of life for all animals
  • We advocate for animals and work tirelessly to release them from exploitation
Based in Wellington, HUHA looks after animals from across Aotearoa New Zealand

Thanks to an incredible HUHA community, together we save lives!


From rescuing and liberating animals to preventing abuse and neglect from happening, HUHA takes an integrated and community-driven approach to improving animal welfare

HUHA has grown to become a leader in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in need but our impact extends beyond that. HUHA is committed to being there for animals when natural disasters strike. Alongside a caring community we advocate for animals and work tirelessly to release animals from the cruelties of factory farming, lab testing, racing, circuses and zoos.  
Animal Rescue New Zealand
Animal Rehoming New Zealand

Disaster Response

HUHA has a skilled team of trained staff and volunteers and a network of like-minded organisations that come together to help when natural disasters and other emergencies strike. With experience from earthquakes, to fires, to floods and the pandemic, HUHA is here for you and your animals.

Be prepared with an emergency kit and plan for all animals in your care. Here are resources to help you help them.

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Rescue and Rehabilitation

At HUHA we’ll drop everything to help animals when they need us. We’ll seek to provide a good outcome for every animal – even when there doesn’t appear to be one. Rats, ducks, dogs, cows, whales – we believe every animal matters. With the support of our HUHA community, we’re able to offer temporary shelter to hundreds of animals of all kinds, every year. We rely on community volunteers to help us care for, socialise, exercise and clean up after shelter animals of all kinds. Each individual animal is given the best possible care, consideration and attention while they’re at HUHA and waiting to be rehomed or released. For animals with no advocate or human to care for them, HUHA has created a purpose-built veterinary clinic to offer state of the art care and consideration as we work to heal and ready them for a forever home or release back into their natural habitat if they’re native wildlife or sealife.

Rescue Dogs for Adoption New Zealand

Rehoming, Release or Permanent Sanctuary

HUHA is a no kill animal shelter and we believe every animal matters. We bring rescued, surrendered or discarded animals of all kinds to our shelters in the Wellington region and work to rehabilitate and rehome them (if appropriate). We carefully match animals with loving forever homes. For those animals who are not suitable for adoption, they will spend a peaceful retirement at a HUHA sanctuary. Our permanent residents include ex-circus monkeys and a variety of wonky rural and companion animals.

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Advocacy and Welfare Reform

Alongside a caring community, we advocate for animals and work tirelessly to release them from exploitation. HUHA founder and CEO, Carolyn Press McKenzie, serves on the Animal Welfare Emergency Sub-function committee at MPI and is working to improve enforcement and outcomes for animals across the country.

Volunteer Positions at Animal Shelter Wellington

Working Against Animal Exploitation

In addition to our advocacy work to improve animal welfare laws and ban cruel practices involving animals in labs, racing, farming, and the entertainment industries, we regularly lead animal release missions. Every year we liberate and rehome hundreds of battery hens on our annual chicken runs. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn about current release campaigns.

Animal Adoptions New Zealand

Community Education

HUHA believes education about animal care and teaching children and communities empathy towards animals will go a long way in resolving the animal welfare issues in Aotearoa New Zealand. We regularly provide mediation for people, groups and local government to problem-solve together for the good and safe outcomes for animals. Hosting educational events about the care and understanding of animals, school visits and outreach to community groups is an important part of HUHA’s work.

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