A safe space of enrichment, nourishment and care for rescued pets, rural and wild animals

  • Extensive facilities for animal rehabilitation and care including a vet clinic
  • Community education centre and shop
  • Adoption centre where animals in need are matched with their forever homes
  • Walking paths and dog enrichment areas – the public will be welcome
  • Regional evacuation centre

The need for HUHA has never been greater as calls to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals of every kind from across the country continue to grow

HUHA has purchased 157 acres of land on the Haywards Hill in rural Wellington. Relocating to a HUHA-owned, purpose-built sanctuary is critical to the future health and sustainability of the organisation and will enable HUHA to continue to save lives for generations to come. 

Our sanctuary will be a purpose-built campus of care, education, rehabilitation and a rehoming centre for over a thousand animals annually, including horses, rural animals, cats, dogs, pocket pets, native and wildlife. There will be a vet clinic serving displaced, abandoned and surrendered domestic and wild animals. It will also feature a welcome, education and event centre and be a place where the community can come and, through animal care, learn about empathy and compassion for animals in a social and inclusive environment.

Members of the public will be encouraged to get involved with all aspects of animal care with accessible walking trails, dog parks, a pet memorial garden and volunteer opportunities aplenty. Additionally, the sanctuary will serve as an evacuation point for the wider Wellington region’s residents and their animals to safely lay-over in case of a natural disaster, such as a tsunami.

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